Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk escape UFC 248 battle with no serious injuries

UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk pushed each other to the limits over five rounds in their championship fight this past weekend, but miraculously neither fighter ended up with any serious injuries afterward.

Following a bloody battle over 25 minutes, Zhang left UFC 248 with her title intact, but she joined Jedrzejczyk at the hospital where both fighters were transported for precautionary reasons.

According to Zhang’s manager, Brian Butler of Suckerpunch Entertainment, the UFC’s first ever Chinese champion was checked over and returned to her hotel the same night.

“Just back from the hospital,” Butler wrote on Instagram. “Zhang Weili back in her room and resting. No significant injuries and in good spirits. What a night.”

As for Jedrzejczyk, her face showed the most significant damage of the fight, particularly because of a huge hematoma that swelled across her forehead.

She also took a trip to the hospital, but the former champion’s team told MMAFighting.com that she was released after several tests and scans were taken. While the split-decision loss to Zhang still undoubtedly stings, Jedrzejczyk was cleared by doctors and allowed to leave the same night as the fight.

While Zhang and Jedrzejczyk both avoided any serious injuries, the Nevada State Athletic Commission may have the final word on when either of them is allowed to compete again. The governing body will issue medical suspensions for the card and it’s likely both Zhang and Jedrzejczyk will be handed some mandatory time off before being allowed to return to action later this year.

(Photo courtesy of UFC)

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