(Editor’s note: Not only was Yves Edwards on the show today, but Mark Hominick called in right after the interview. If you missed it, check it out in the radio archive)

Yves Edwards will be a part of the upcoming Pride 10 Bushido Card coming up this weekend from Japan. In another MMAWeekly exclusive, Edwards told MMAWeekly on Sunday that he has agreed to fight Seichi Ikemoto, a very experienced fighter, who has mainly fought in Shooto and DEEP.

Edwards will catch a flight tomorrow to Japan to take the fight. Edwards is looking forward to some redemption. “I just want to get back in there and fight”, Edwards told MMAWeekly’s Ryan Bennett. “I want to prove I’m back.”

Edwards found out about the fight last week and will have to weigh-in at 160 pounds for the fight. Yves said he has been training and will be ready to go. Edwards was upset last month in Las Vegas to Mark Hominick at UFC 58 and looks forward to bouncing back.

Edwards was today’s featured guest on MMAWeeklyRadio.com talking about the fight with hosts Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg. As always, when you listen live it’s absolutely free. If you can’t listen live then click on the radio archive as Mark Hominick surprised everyone as he called into the show today and talked about his fight with Edwards.