Yves, Spratt & Koscheck Call In On Radio Today

Josh Koscheck and Pete Spratt at Ultimate Fight Night

Josh Koscheck and Pete Spratt at Ultimate Fight Night

MMAWeekly Radio
Some people love him, some hate him. Josh Koscheck was a lighting rod of controversy on the show the Ultimate Fighter.

Today on MMAWeekly Radio it was an amazing show as Yves Edwards called in to give his take on the fight. Koscheck of course was interviewed and he talked about training with the AKA guys and how his game has evolved, then guess who called in after Koscheck was on the air? That’s right Pete Spratt.

Spratt discussed working with his new team, the Lion’s Den with Tra Telligman, Alex Andrade and Guy Mezger among others. If you missed today’s show, CHECK THE RADIO ARCHIVE NOW! You have a lot of catching up to do.

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