Yves Edwards, "I'd Like To Fight Gomi And Kawajiri In The Same Night."

July 26, 2005

Yves Edwards and Joachim Hansen at Pride Bushido 9

Yves Edwards lands a kick on Joachim Hansen at Pride Bushido 9

Yves Edwards is on a roll. He will take a seven fight win streak with him into the up coming Pride lightweight grand prix tournament. He recently spoke with MMAWeekly about the tournament and who’d he’d like to fight in it.

Asked who he’ll be fighting next, Yves Edwards replied, “I’m waiting for them to seed this tournament, and be sure they still want me in it. That’s the plan as far as I’ve heard, so I’m just looking forward to that. I don’t know, I’ll probably get one of the two Japanese guys, Gomi or Kawajiri. Then again they might turn around and put me in there with a Brazilian. You just never know.”

Questioned who he’d like to fight, Yves said, “Everybody. I want them all. I don’t care.” He continued, “The first night we’re going to fight twice. There will be two fights the first night. The finals are going to be a single fight. Ideally, I mean, I’d like to fight Gomi and Kawajiri in the same night. You know? There’s the three of us, I mean Hansen’s in it too, so…any one guy that beats any two of those guys on the same night, you become a legend.”

Some fighters would want to face the top guys later in the tournament to better their chances in advancing, and better their chances at bigger payouts, but not Yves Edwards. He wants to take out two of the favorites in the first night.