by Jeff Cain
This weekend, August 6th, Josh Koscheck and Pete Spratt will pit their skill against one another in the UFC octagon live on Spike TV. Yves Edwards recently spoke with MMAWeekly about the match up, and gave his breakdown of the bout.

“I think if this fight goes the distance it’s probably going to be boring, Koscheck’s probably going to win. I don’t think it will get that far though. I mean you saw him when he fought Diego [Sanchez] he kind of gassed or what not. I know it was a long time ago, but he’s not going to be able to stand up with Pete, and pushing that wrestling pace for fifteen minutes, it’s going to be hard.” Yves Edwards told MMAWeekly.

He continued, “I think, if I had to pick it round by round, first round goes to Koscheck. It’s going to be a boring round. Pete’s probably going to work hard from the bottom. The second round is probably going to be the most important. You know? I don’t think Koscheck’s submissions have gotten to the point where he’s going to be that dangerous to Pete, but his ground and pound might have…If he’s gotten real good at that, he’s able to find some holes in Pete’s ground defense, I think he can cause some problems.”

Yves went on to say, “He’s got to stop Pete inside of seven minutes. If it goes any longer than that I think he’s going to be too tired, Pete’s going to start getting off, and he’s going to start feeling it, and by that time I think it’s going to be over.”

Cardio conditioning is one aspect that Edwards thinks will come into play during this fight. He feels as if Koscheck doesn’t have the cardio to finish Spratt. Yves commented, “Your cardio’s going to be strong in what you do. You know? And Koscheck is primarily a wrestler. When he’s constantly having to take Pete down if there is stand ups, or if Pete gets back to the feet when he’s constantly trying to keep pressure to keep him down he’s going to start to gas, and when he has to change his game and send punches, that’s going to make him even more tired when he’s getting hit.”

Koscheck’s a world class wrestler, and they’re usually known for their cardio, but Yves remained firm in his opinion. He stated, “National champion wrestlers are known for cardio, but you saw his fight with Diego…Everything comes into play, but I mean at the same time it’s not a national championship wrestling match. You know? It’s a fight. Things change you know.”

Edwards added, “Cardio is completely different. I mean you’ve probably been in gyms…guys come into the gym that they ride cross country bikes, or they run cross country and whatnot, but they train for it. They can’t really go a round without getting tired. It’s completely different. Even though it’s a fight sport it’s still different from wrestling.”

We’ll find out this weekend if Koscheck’s cardio will hold up against Pete Spratt. This is a match up of conflicting styles, and who ever is able to impose their game on the other will be the winner. Will it be the wrestler and MMA newcomer Josh Koscheck, or the striker veteran Pete Spratt? Find out on August 6th, live on Spike TV.