"You never know what the judges are looking at."

You hear it in mixed martial arts and boxing all the time, “Don’t leave the fight in the hands of the judges.”

A veteran of nearly 50 bouts in MMA alone, and having competed in boxing as well, Chris Lytle has learned that lesson the hard way, having been on the losing end of several controversial decisions.

Lytle said after his fight with Paul Taylor at UFC 89 that he really enjoyed the fight, “He dealt out as much as he was taking. It was a fantastic fight. I loved it. He’s a very tough guy. He has a much better chin than I was expecting.”

But enjoying the fight and feeling confident in his performance gave Lytle no false sense of security that he would be handed the victory. “You know, you can never be confident in a decision… I’ve learned. There’s been fights that I thought I won easy and I didn’t. So, I wasn’t real confident. I mean, I thought I won, but like I said, you never know what the judges are looking at.”

Lytle did win the fight, but both men had to go home at least somewhat pleased having earned Fight of the Night honors that scored each of them a $40,000 bonus check.