Now You Can Punch Dana White in the Face

March 15, 2018

(Courtesy of UFC)

There are plenty of people – fans, fighters, and pundits alike – that have wanted to punch UFC president Dana White in the face at one time or another. Well, now you can do just that!

For all the times that you’ve said, I’d just like to see Dana get his ass in there and fight, you can now force him to… sort of. 

EA Sports on Thursday unveiled that you can now download Dana White as a character in the UFC 3 video game. You can play as White or you can square off against him in the Octagon. We know which way 99.9% of you are going with that option!

Now, we’re not exactly sure how they determined White’s fighter ratings (striking: 91 | grappling: 86 | stamina: 86 | health: 90), as they seem a little generous, but we do know there was a little PED action going on; that is Performance Enhanced Digitally. 

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Regardless, you can now fulfill your dream and punch the UFC boss in the face.