Yoel Romero And an Unhappy Tim Kennedy Exchange Words Backstage at UFC 178

September 28, 2014

Yoel Romero picked up the win at UFC 178, but Tim Kennedy wasn’t too please with his opponent’s between-rounds controversy.

After the fight, Romero allegedly approached Kennedy to say “my bad,” according to the folks at Ranger Up. At that point, Kennedy tells Romero “If you can’t get off of the stool, that’s the end of the fight.”

Take a look for yourself with the footage shot by UFC Español.

In between rounds two and three, Romero took an extra 30 seconds or so to leave his corner. Even his cornerman was there wiping down the fighter as the referee barked orders and Kennedy raised his hands in frustration. The next thing you know, Kennedy gets TKO’d. Ouch.

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