Yancy Medeiros Got TKO’d and Then Hugged it Out… With Cowboy’s Grandma!

February 19, 2018

Leading up to their UFC Fight Night 126 headliner, you easily could have mistaken Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Yancy Medeiros as the best of friends instead of combatants about to step into a cage and punch each other in the face. 

They gave each other a tremendous amount of respect in interviews, and Medeiros even gifted Cerrone a Hawaiian cowboy hat when they faced off at Friday’s weigh-in. 

That’s a little above and beyond the norm, but not unheard of, but what happened after their fight was something special. 

After the two threw down for the better part of the first round, Cerrone sent Medeiros reeling to the canvas late in the frame, stormed him, and forced the referee to call a stop to the fight. 

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The two were again gracious to each other after the fight, hugging and talking, but when Cowboy pointed out his grandma, who was cageside for the fight, that’s when things took an interesting turn. 

Medeiros immediately ran over to the side of the cage where Cowboy’s grandma was, leapt over it, and crouched down before her, listening intently to what were, no doubt, words of wisdom, and hugging it out.