Results & Photos by Thomas Rozdzynski

XFO 19 – Nice treat for Midwest Fans


Photos courtesy of Thomas Michael Rozdzynski, thrumyeye.com


Midwest MMA fans were in for a treat showing up to this
weekend’s XFO 19 event. It was a well-organized beach setting with a packed
card adding up to 27 bouts.  Headlining the card was Mike Stumf vs. Ted
Worthington, then as the main event John Hosman vs. Mustafa Hussaini for a
135lbs XFO title. Plus, a fight featuring UFC veteran Sean Salmon.


Aaron Basso, Russ Janca and Simon
Marini showed their high level ground skills finishing off their opponents in
the first round all by rear naked choke.


Reshad Woods dominated Erick Snyder
with a devastating knockout by knee in only 26 seconds of the first round.


There weren’t any disappoints coming
from the fan’s favorite brawler Boban Simic. Displaying an outstanding
performance in the first round, he was able to unload a powerful furry. Even
though most of the fight took place standing up, Simic had the opportunity to
show his ground control with some devastating knees to the body.  In the
second round, Roman Hellems was unable to stop Simic’s attacks and suffered an
open cut, which led to stoppage by the ring doctor in 1:32 of the second round.


Sean Salmon won a decision over
Midwest veteran Bill Hill with all three judges scoring the bout 29-28 for the
UFC veteran.


Of course, we can’t forget about the
new XFO 135lbs champion, John Hosman, who knocked out Mustafa Hussaini in 42
seconds of the first round, crowning a new XFO belt holder.


In the amateur bouts, Joe
Schlotterer defeated Kody Hancock 30 seconds from the beginning of the match by
a guillotine choke.  Nick Janowitz followed with a similar finish right
under a minute in the first round.  



Matt Ferraro def. Matt Wilcox, 1:16 of R1, Rear Naked Choke

Jon Eldridge def. Sam Alvey, 1:51 of R2, TKO

Joe Schlotterer def. Kody Hancock, 0:30 of R1, Guillotine

Sean Najm def. Ron Smith, 3R, Unanimous Decision

Ryan Sturdy def. Blake Queen, 1:39 of R2, TKO

Zach Derrico def. Eric Pettengill, 2:13 of R3, TKO

Nick Janowitz def. Jeff Lavellee, 0:44 of R1, Guillotine

Ryan Farhat def. Chris Tickle, 1:08 of R3, Triangle Choke

Brandon Young def. Nick Brewer, 3R, Unanimous Decision

Kyle Gray def. Nick Butler, 0:48 of R3, Rear Naked Choke

Kris Ruehl def. Ryan Jandry, 2:21 of R1, Triangle Choke

Joe Smith def. Bryan Ewers, 0:40 of R1, TKO

Tyler Stark def. Steve Meredith, 1:04 of R1, TKO



Aaron Basso def. Lee Defosse, 2:36 of R1, Rear Naked Choke

Reshad Woods def. Erick Snyder, 0:26 of R1, KO by Knee

Dom O’Grady def. Brent Mehrehoff, 3R, Unanimous Decision

Jay Little def. Craig Kaufman, 1:05 of R1, TKO

Boban Simic def. Roman Hellems, 1:32 of R2, TKO (Doctor
Stoppage – Cut)

Joe Jordan def. Dave Kleczkowski, 3R, Unanimous Decision

Russ Janca def. Tom Belt, 1:57 of R1, Rear Naked Choke

Simon Marini def. Darius Turcinskas, 3:17 of R1, Rear Naked

Omah Choudhury def. Josh Rave, 1:25 of R1, Triangle Choke

Tony Marti def. Andy Ross, 1:34 of R1, Guillotine Choke

Sean Salmon def. William Hill, 3R, Unanimous Decision

Mike Stumpf def. Ted Worthington, 1:55 of R2, Rear Naked

John Hosman def. Mustafa Hussaini, 0:42 of R1, KO