by Greg Honda
The event will match fighters from Chris Brennan’s Next Generation Top Team against some of Hawaii’s top fighters. Adam Lynn, Josh Hinger, Fernando Gonzalez, Brian Gayratti, Josh Smith, and Chris Brennan will represent the Next Generation Top Team. Kaleo Padilla, Harris Sarmiento, Johnny Sampino, Kaleo Kwan, Sidney Silva, and Mark Moreno will represent team Hawaii.

Three superfights featuring a couple of former UFC champions are also scheduled for the evening. Ricco Rodriguez will take on Reuben Villareal, Dan Severn and Shannon Ritch will do battle, and Jeff Monson will be taking on Rich Wilson. Greg Honda and Terry Harmon will be reporting live from Hawaii and posting results (and possibly photos) live as it happens on the sound-off forum. Here are the results from the official weigh-ins.

Shawn Castro – 178

Kimo Woelfel – 185

Kaipo Gonzales – 144.5

Duke Saragosa – 145

Johnny Sampino – 154

Josh Hinger – 159

Kaleo Kwon – 155

Brian Gayratti – 154

Harris Sarmiento – 154

Josh Smith – 151.5

Sidney Silva – 172

Fernando Gonzalez – 185

Kaleo Padilla – 178

Adam Lynn – 173

Mark Moreno – 172

Chris Brennan – 170

Jeff Monson – 233

Rich Wilson – 242

Dan Severn – TBA

Shannon Ritch – 186

Reuben Villareal – 252

Ricco Rodriguez – 259.5