The promoters of Extreme Wars X-1 have agreed to show the Dan Severn vs Shannon Ritch controversial fight on MMAWeekly TV very soon.

The following Press Release is the view of Jeff Weller and does not represent the views or opinions of MMAWeekly.com.

Official Press Release from Jeff Weller “The Voice of the Cage” For Immediate Release.

Hello great fans of the greatest full contact sport in the world, MMA. Recently I worked a show @ the Blaisdale Arena on 7/2/05 in Honolulu, Hawaii, for Promoters Chad & Mike from Platinum Activities, LLC.

The show was Extreme Wars X-1 and it was the promoters’ first time promoting MMA. Anyone who has been around MMA for any length of time knows that making a professional MMA show happen and turning a financial and artistic profit is very difficult.

I have been in MMA since UFC #7 in Buffalo, NY. I managed Dutch Ju Jitsu fighter Remco Pardoel and I have called shows from NY to CA and most states in between in the last ten years.

So let’s not waste any more time and get right to the point!!! The show had some really good professional fighters on the card. Chris “The Boston Strangler” Brennen’s New Generation fight team fought with honor and skill against the home field-advantaged Hawaii Top Team.

All the matches between these teams were hard fought and honest MMA, and all the fans in attendance agreed. Team leader Brennan submitted his opponent @ 1:14 of the 1st round with a very professional submission employed by the crafty MMA veteran.

Jeff “The Snowman” Monson vs. Rich Wilson was also a good match up, if there is such a thing when you fight the always Brutal Monson! Rich Wilson stepped up and tried against one of the greatest heavyweight submission Grapplers on the Fuckin Planet! Rich Wilson is a very cool guy and a professional; however, Monson is also a very cool guy and a complete professional. I am glad iI got to work with these great heavyweights at Extreme Wars X-1. Ricco Rodriguez was ready to fight, and he was a complete professional. Ricco worked with the show’s promoters, helping to sell the show and was a complete pro. Warpath is a very cool guy as a person, but he is not in the same league as the ex-UFC Heavyweight champion, Mr. Rodriguez, and it showed @ 2:38 of the 1st round.

But as we all know in show business you always have some assholes who think they are bigger than the game itself.
In this case, the fighters who think they are smarter than the rest of us and who think they can run a WORK on the whole MMA world and the fans who paid their hard-earned money to come to Extreme Wars X-1. The Fighters are UFC hall of famer Dan “The Beast” Severn and his trusted Work partner Shannon”The Cannon” Ritch (from here on known simply as “Monkey Boy”). Or should I call him Shannon Roach because of his moral high road on Medical Marijuana? Whatever, life is too short to bother with Knuckleheads like Monkey Boy (honored member of the North American Work Squad (N.A.W.S.) for short). I dismiss you, Monkey Boy, go eat a banana and color your hair, beard and goatee.

Dan “The Beast” Severn is a completely different story. I respect Dan for what he has done in his distinguished MMA career, but……… The last few years have been nothing but a series of “Lets make it look good” Works where Dan throws his opponent around, classic WWE ring/cage banter, then Dan at the knick of time pulls out the ever-evasive key lock and Boom! The Beast is magically restored to the MMA hall of fame for all the MMA fans to gawk and stare at with immense MMA admiration!

Well, all things eventually come to an end and when the great MMA realists of the world see the Severn vs. Monkey Boy Work Spectacular @ Extreme Wars X-1, the facts will speak for themselves– whether you think I am ugly or a sick freak (which we all know I am!)

The Promoters from Extreme Wars X-1 gave Dan Severn and Shannon Roach every chance to come clean and admit their lack of judgment and the Work they attempted to pass off as a real MMA contest billed as a SUPERFIGHT. Severn and Roach are steadfast in their claims, much like a pair of thieves who got caught red-handed–this time by a very skilled team of cameramen capturing Extreme Wars X-1 and a Sick, pot head, gothic, ring announcer who cares about MMA and its future as a legitimate sport, for now and the future.

Extreme Wars X-1 will be broadcasting the Severn vs. Roach Master Work on MMAweekly.com, The leading MMA news site anywhere in the world. Details to follow very soon.

Well, that is what I have to say take it or leave it, the tape will clarify everything once and for all.

Big Respect to the MMA fans of the world!

Weller / Voice of the Fuckin Cage.