by Scott Petersen – MMAWeekly.com

TOKYO – The fighters weighed in today for World Victory Road’s<br /> inaugural Sengoku event that takes place Wednesday in Yoyogi

fighters weighed in today for World Victory Road’s inaugural Sengoku event that
takes place Wednesday in Yoyogi. All 14 fighters made weight and appeared ready
to go to battle.

Duane “Bang” Ludwig,
who has had much success in K-1’s Max events, will be fighting the No. 1 ranked
lightweight in the world, Takanori Gomi. Ludwig, who has struggled in the past
to make weight in the lightweight division, looked emaciated, but when asked he
said he felt good.

When Kazuyuki Fujita
and Peter Graham entered the room for the press conference the bad blood was
apparent as Fujita immediately took his seat, refusing to pose for pictures
with Graham.

When Graham had the
opportunity to speak, he started the smack talk and before the translator
finished translating what he had said, Fujita cut her off and started on his
own diatribe. But before he finished, both fighters were on their feet going at
each other as the other fighters stepped in to keep them apart. Fujita then
left the room.

(The melee was
quite impressive and can be viewed in the Premium Members section.)

In a more humorous moment,
when Josh Barnett received the microphone he asked Graham since Fujita was gone
that if he wanted to “attack” his opponent, Hidehiko Yoshida, to feel free.


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• Hidehiko Yoshida (108.7 kg / 239.6 lbs)
vs. Josh Barnett (113.2 kg / 249.6 lbs)

• Takanori Gomi (69.7 kg / 153.7 lbs) vs.
Duane Ludwig (69.4 kg / 153 lbs)

• Kazuo Misaki (82.2 kg / 181.2 lbs) vs.
Siyar Bahadurzada (82.9 kg / 182.8 lbs)

• Kazuyuki Fujita (115.9 kg / 255.5 lbs)
vs. Peter Graham (112.8 kg / 248.7 lbs)

• Makoto Takimoto (81.9 kg / 180.6 lbs)
vs. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos (82.9 kg / 182.8 lbs)

• Nick Thompson (75.7 kg / 166.9 lbs) vs.
Fabricio Monteiro (75.4 kg / 166.2 lbs)

• Ryo Kawamura (92.7 kg / 204.4 lbs) vs.
Antonio Braga Neto (92.7 kg / 204.4 lbs)