Press Release
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, when you think of Martial Arts, one name clearly stands out as having the most impact, Chuck Norris. Many remember his first significant movie role competing against Bruce Lee in ‘Return of the Dragon’ and his highly successful TV series, ‘Walker Texas Ranger.’

What some may not know, is that before he got involved in show business, he was a 6X undefeated full contact karate champion. It was during this time he remembers having some of the most fun of his life traveling with his team all over the country. That is what sparked his interest to create his newest endeavor, The World Combat League. This martial-arts team competition offers athletes an opportunity to earn a living, competing in the sport they have been doing for years. It will also help fund Chuck’s Kick Start Foundation, that helps keep kids off the street and avoid the influence of drugs and gangs.

The teams are: Las Vegas Gators vs. L.A. Stars and Dallas Dragons vs. Denver Destroyers. The unique circular ring has great views for everyone in attendance. Come checkout this new concept in martial-arts action!

For more information go to www.worldcombatleague.com