World Champion Boxer Claressa Shields Laid into Cris Cyborg After UFC 232 Loss

A true friend and valued training partner is one that’s going to tell you the truth, right? 

Well, check and check!

After Cris Cyborg got knocked out by Amanda Nunes in 51 seconds at UFC 232, she certainly got her fair share of support from her fans, her team, her friend Halle Barry, and training partner and boxing champion Claressa Shields. 

Shields, however, had a lot more to say to Cyborg than just some soothing words. Being a world champion herself, she had a little truth serum for the former UFC featherweight champion.

“I’m not mad about the loss. I’m mad because you know how to f—ing box,” Shields told Cyborg in the locker room.

“You shouldn’t have been out there just trying to brawl. What you do that for? You f—ing jab with me. Jab with her short ass. What the f—?”

In the full video, Cyborg went on to deliver a message to her fans, saying that she wanted a rematch, but is ready for whatever comes her way.

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”I know I have my last fight in the contract with the UFC, we gonna make everything possible we can do to make this fight happen. If it doesn’t happen, 2019 is just starting. I want you guys know I want to fight a lot and I want to do the biggest fights and money I can make this year and continue my legacy.”