Wiuff Talks Horn And IFC Fight

Travis Wiuff at IFL

Travis Wiuff at IFL

When he fights at the upcoming July 30th “Rock ‘N Rumble” IFC show in Reno, Nevada, UFC veteran Travis Wiuff is not only fighting for a world title, but is looking to take another step towards returning to the big stage of MMA.

Currently Wiuff is in the final preparations for the fight and took time out to speak to MMA Weekly about the bout, his move to Utah and training with the man that will challenge Chuck Liddell for his title at UFC 54, Jeremy Horn.

“I’m fighting William (Bill) Hill and I think it will be a good fight,” said Wiuff. “He seems experienced and has had a handful of fights against quality people. I feel confident I can win though. I’m living in Utah now and training with Jeremy Horn full-time. You know in just a few weeks here I feel like a much better fighter.”

Wiuff has won his last two fights after suffering his first loss in over two years at the hands of Renato “Babalu” Sobral at UFC 52 in April. Now that he has moved to Utah to train with Horn, Travis feels his game is getting even better and that his weight will no longer be an issue thanks to someone whose helped out some of Travis’ Team Extreme brethren.

“It’s just the little things that Jeremy sees that no one else had before that’s really adding to my game,” proclaimed Travis. “The elevation here is helping my cardio immensely and my diet has changed since I got here. Bill Rush is the same guy that helped Rich (Franklin) get ready and he’s helping Jeremy with his diet. I’m following the same diet now as those guys and the weight is coming off a lot easier than it was before. This will definitely be the easiest cut I ever had. I’m walking around at 219lbs, eating 6 meals a day, and it still drops off. I’ve got to give all the credit in the world to Bill for it.”

Wiuff continued, “Jeremy’s got abs, pecs, and biceps now, he looks totally different. Everyone that’s seen him is totally surprised at how different he looks. Bill Rush is the man when it comes to that stuff, he’s really helping us out. He’s added an early morning cardio lift and conditioning drills to the end of practice that I haven’t done before. Bill’s just amazing and this is really going to help Jeremy take the title at 205lbs”

Not only has the move to Utah done wonders for Travis’ training, it’s had a positive impact on his personality, even though at first the decision to move was a tough one. “I love it here. You know it’s a big move for me, moving away from my family was difficult. For a while there I was debating staying in Minnesota and debating going back and forth between there and here for training. But I decided to make the move and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I try to explain the mountains and stuff like that to people back home and they don’t believe me. We didn’t have that kind of stuff in Minnesota. It’s something you have to witness for yourself, it’s indescribable, hiking and biking through the mountains is so much fun and I’m just really enjoying life now.”

With everything that’s going so well in his life right now, it would be easy for Wiuff to overlook his upcoming opponent with an eye towards the future. But according to Travis, that won’t happen. “I just want to stay active. Getting back to the UFC is a goal, but I’ve got a lot to do before then. I’m not going to underestimate Hill, even though I feel I have a really good chance to win. After this I want to get three or four more fights in and continue to improve my game before getting back into the bigger shows.”