With No Strikeforce Fight On Horizon, Gokhan Saki Desires Boxing Match With David Haye

With no idea as to when he’ll make his transition to mixed martial arts, K-1 stand-out Gokhan Saki is now seeking a boxing fight with David Haye.

Saki made his desire to fight the heavyweight boxer via Twitter on Sunday morning.

“I really don’t [know] when my first MMA fight (is),” Saki said on the popular social media site. “I want to fight (David) Haye. Can someone [organize] this, please?

“I love boxing, [too].”

Saki, who gained a lot of attention for how well he performed in last year’s K-1 World Grand Prix, has had a desire to transition from K-1 kickboxing to MMA for some time, now. Shortly after his K-1Grand Prix loss to eventual tournament winner and current Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem, Saki went public with his hopes to fight in Strikeforce by the summer of 2011.

Unfortunately, there has been no moving forward in the Saki-Strikeforce saga since initial discussions took place.

“We had a preliminary conversation with him, but there’s nothing solid, nothing to announce,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told MMAWeekly.com. “I think we have a roster (where) we have to fulfill all these agreements and make sure the right fights are happening… But that guy is talented, and if he really commits himself to the ground fight and learns how to stop the take-down and learns how to do jiujitsu, he’s going to be a threat because he could put a hurting on some people.

“But he is talented, I really like him.”

Haye, who just recently lost in his WBA heavyweight title defense to Wladimir Klitschko yesterday in Hamburg, Germany, holds a 25-2 record in boxing and has recently contemplated his future in the sport.

“My cutoff date is in three months, which in boxing terms is not a long time,” Haye told BBC Sports.

Although Saki desires to fight the boxing heavyweight, he may not get his chance if Haye chooses to walk away at or before his cutoff date.

Realistically, Haye would rather seek a rematch with Klitschko and Saki’s MMA future seems like a stronger possibility. With Pro Elite recently announcing their return to the MMA scene, Saki’s MMA destinations have increased and fighting for ZUFFA is no longer his only option.

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