With Matt Hughes in His Corner, Adam Osmoe Ready to Kick Career into Full Gear

September 30, 2016

While he hasn’t made massive changes to his game over the past couple years, Adam Osmoe believes the adjustments he’s made have helped the lightweight prospect grow quite a bit since turning pro in 2015.

After a couple years balancing school with fighting, the recently graduated Osmoe is able to focus solely on his fighting. And with the help of UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes, Osmoe feels his best days are ahead of him.

“When I came in as a pro, I was still falling back on my wrestling pretty hard,” Osmoe told MMAWeekly.com. “Kyle Watson helped me out a lot with my ground game. And then, once I started training with (Matt) Hughes again, he helped me out tons.

“I feel like I’ve matured as a fighter all-around pretty much. With school and everything at work, I kind of have to take time off to finish up my senior year, but now that I’ve graduated, I can focus on fighting.”

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Osmoe can’t overstate how big Hughes’ influence has been on him.

“I can’t thank him enough for him taking time out to help me,” said Osmoe. “We are so much alike with our game. Having that kind of coaching and first-hand experience in my corner is awesome. It’s really one of the best tools I could have.”

Next up for Osmoe (4-0) is a main card 155-pound bout at RFA 44 on Friday in St. Charles, Mo., against promotional newcomer Zach Fears (5-2).

“I think Zach is a very tough dude,” Osmoe said. “He’s really aggressive from what I hear. I think it will be a tough fight, maybe the toughest fight I’ve had.

“I think we’re both very aggressive fighters, we’re both wrestlers, and even though he’s taller than me, I think I’m going to be stronger than him. We both have our strengths, and it will be an interesting fight.”

Having built up some solid momentum at the start of his career, and with a very experienced team behind him, Osmoe is expecting good things to come. But first, he wants to make sure he’s ready for them when they happen.

“I have a couple more fights for the RFA after this one,” he said. “There are some parts of my game that I do want to step back and fix those parts of my game and improve the weaknesses I have.”

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