William Knight says ‘there’s nothing impressive’ about CES 55 opponent Carlton Little

March 29, 2019

For undefeated light-heavyweight prospect William Knight, what has worked best for him over the course of his first four fights is leave strategy to his coaches and just go out and fight.

Since turning pro in May of last year, Knight has managed to finish all four of his fights, with three of those finishes coming in the first round, proving that by focusing on just the fight is working out.

“I mostly just go in,” Knight told MMAWeekly.com. “I don’t really have a game plan when I fight. I just listen to my coach. He sees what’s going on from the outside, and he’ll voice what he thinks need to be done, and I’ll get it done.

“People usually go in with a plan because that’s how they fight: they have a style that they repeat in the cage over and over. I try not to watch any tape or anything on fighters. I have him do his thing and trust his word. So far it’s been successful.”

For Knight a big part of what has helped his development is the fact that he always aims to face the toughest competition, and always prepare as if he’s facing such opposition.

“I wasn’t forced to go pro, but it was kind of what I had to do,” said Knight. “I was trying to fight top guys. I didn’t want to fight any lower guys. Like, oh you need to get your feet wet and figure things out and climb a ladder, but I told my coach if they’re not a Top 10 guy or a Top 5 guy that I didn’t want the fight.”

At CES 55 on Friday in Hartford, Connecticut, Knight (4-0) faces his most experienced opponent yet in Carlton Little (7-7) in a main card 205-pound bout.

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“I saw him fight Yorgan (De Castro) and Yorgan beat him,” Knight said of Little. “After watching his performance against Yorgan, there’s nothing impressive. He’s a slugger. He’s swinging and swinging and swinging.

“This fight is nothing special. I’m not worried about anything. I train to do this. I feel like it’s going to finish in the first round. I’m in and out all the time. If it goes the distance I’m prepared for that too.”

For Knight, the outlook for 2019 is to take one thing at a time, and branch out into other combat sports if he gets the opportunity to do so.

“I go fight by fight right now,” said Knight. “I’m going to get some Muay Thai action and see what I can do. I want to do some kind of kickboxing where I can put my mind and focus on just striking without having to worry about takedowns and submissions and that. I want to see how long a person can weather the storm that I’m striking.”