Courtesy of Female First.co.uk website
We usually wouldn’t run a story like this, but since it’s the weekend we thought this was a pretty funny story. An article this weekend on the Female First.co.uk website talked about how Willa Ford and Paris Hilton almost battled it out after UFC 57.

Here is the article from FemaleFirst.co.uk website: February 19th, 2006

“Willa Ford Fights Off Hilton With Bodyguard Warning”

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter’s ex-girlfriend Willa Ford avoided a Las Vegas, Nevada, nightclub fight with Paris Hilton by warning the heiress’ handlers that her best friend is ultimate fighting champion Chuck Liddell.

Ford, who dated Carter years before Hilton fell for the pop star in 2004, was unnerved when Hilton made a point of prowling in front of her booth at the Hard Rock Hotel – and decided to take action before The Simple Life star said something she’d later regret.

Ford, a former singer-turned-Ultimate Fighting personality, recalls, “We were sitting in a private booth and Paris wouldn’t stop walking back and forth in front of us.

“Chuck went over to her security guards and said, ‘Listen, you see all those guys over there? We’re with Willa Ford. If Paris comes closer and Willa snaps, I can’t help anything. If you get in there and you touch Willa, we’re all throwing down on you guys.'”

Hilton kept her distance and reportedly apologised to Ford when the two girls met at Playboy Mansion Hallowe’en Party last year.

Ford adds, “She took the high road and we’re cool now.”