Will Romero Contines Fulfilling His Destiny at Friday’s Score FS 7

November 22, 2012

Will Romer-Score FSPrior to his current three-fight winning streak, Canadian lightweight Will “Leon” Romero suffered through an equally long losing streak, which he attributes to lost focus.

“I had been feeling good about winning, but then lost at the Bellator tournament and I think that affected me a little bit,” said Romero. “I felt like maybe I’d failed and that I wasn’t going to make it and I started doubting myself and went on that little slide.”

If there’s any positive to be taken from losing three fights in a row, it’s that Romero’s opponents didn’t dominate him.

“Even though I wasn’t focused and wasn’t really into it, I just squeaked by losing,” he said. “I didn’t get blown away by guys. I just lost rounds to them.”

Romero changed his mindset and, along with some alterations in his training regimen, got back on track with his current winning streak.

“I started doing more cross-training like swimming or hills, sprints, strength and conditioning and also drastically changed my diet,” he said. “Just doing every little thing I could keep up in this sport.

“I just turned 30, and guys now are coming up at 18 or 19 and are really explosive, so I’ve got to keep up.”

Romero will be looking to win his fourth in a row at the upcoming Score Fighting Series 7 event on Friday in Hamilton, Ontario, in a rematch with Tristan Johnson.

“I definitely look at it like a new fight,” said Romero. “I think he’s smart fighter and comes from a good gym with good coaches, so he’s definitely not going to bring the same game, and I’m not going to bring the same game.

“At the end of the day though, we’re both bangers, we both like to strike and that’s how we like to finish people.”

Having lost their first bout by unanimous decision in June of last year, Romero knows that he’ll have to be prepared for anything against such a diverse fighter as Johnson.

“I know what his strengths and weaknesses are, so I’m going to try to expose that,” said Romero. “Sometimes you go into a fight with just a Plan A and a Plan B, but with this fight I’m coming in with a Plan A, B, C and D. I’m going to be prepared for everything.”

Having fallen into the trap of thinking too far ahead before, Romero told MMAWeekly.com that for the coming year, he’s just going to focus on improving himself, and whatever comes after that is fine with him.

“My destiny is to be a fighter and be a good fighter and an exciting fighter, and if I just focus on training, everything will play itself out,” he said. “When I first started out and going 5-0, I was all about the UFC and Bellator, and coasting already, so right now, if I just keep doing what I’m doing, it will come when it does.”

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