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Will Matt Hughes’ TV Persona Hurt Him?

TUF 2 might not be as exciting as the first season, but one thing that sticks out is Matt Hughes’ coaching style. One who has been personified as the All-American Homegrown Fighter is now on TV being seen in possibly an unfavorable light.

Matt Hughes manager, Monte Cox was on MMAWeekly radio on Friday and was asked if he was worried about Matt’s TV persona having a negative impact on Hughes’ career.

Cox said, “I think I’m probably more worried than Matt is (laugh)”. Cox continued, “this is how Matt Hughes was trained how Matt Hughes was brought up.” Saying that Hughes’ coach and dad were “really strict”. When Cox mentioned that Frank Trigg probably had coaches like that, Trigg said out of all of his coaches including Olympic coaches, “I never once had a coach like that.”

So will it have a negative effect on Hughes? Cox said, “I don’t know, it will be interesting to see.” Monte went on to say that Matt received a standing ovation at one of the smaller shows after being on the TV show and that the sponsors have been coming in. Matt is “very competitive” and had that competition while growing up with his brother. “He can’t stand to lose anything.”