Will Eddie Alvarez Sport Aoki’s Signature Spandex Pants On NYE?

Psychological warfare is a big part of the mixed martial arts game these days. The most common form of course is trash talk, but what about wearing a pair of your opponent’s signature spandex pants going into a main event fight on New Year’s Eve?

That’s exactly what Eddie Alvarez joked about doing during a recent appearance on MMAWeekly Radio.

“We already mentioned something like that in the gym. I wanted to do something like that, wear a pair of pants and put something like ‘Tonight, I’ll be wearing the pants.’ Something like that,” Alvarez said with a laugh.

In the end, Alvarez says that the pants just wouldn’t work out for him, especially in a worst case scenario situation.

“I don’t know how great it would be going out there,” Alvarez said. “God forbid I get submitted with crazy ass pants on. That’s not my style, I’d just rather go out in my regular shorts.”

The reaction from the Japanese crowd would likely be very mixed as well.

“Everybody will be looking at me, ‘look at this (expletive) in the spandex pants,” Alvarez commented.

Regardless of his selection of fight wear that night, even Alvarez has said he looks forward to Aoki’s entrance.

“You should see when he comes out over there, it’s amazing. His song’s real catchy too.”

That song…Baka Survivor….check it out on YouTube.