Will Carlos Condit Wait For GSP? Dana White Thinks He Should

February 16, 2012

Georges St-Pierre and Carlos ConditUFC president Dana White always wants to put on the best fights possible at any given time.

Jake Ellenberger has rolled through several of the top fighters in the welterweight division, most recently defeating Diego Sanchez at UFC on Fuel TV 1 on Wednesday night. Carlos Condit recently defeated Nick Diaz to become the interim UFC welterweight champion, with current titleholder Georges St-Pierre on the sidelines until at least October or November.

Ellenberger’s only loss in the Octagon was of the split decision variety, losing to Condit. So a rematch would only make sense, right?

Not so fast.

“(Ellenberger) has looked fantastic. He’s on a roll,” White said in his post-fight interview with Fuel TV. “(But) if I’m Carlos Condit and the (Nick) Diaz match is available, I take the Diaz match. If not, I probably sit around and I wait for GSP.”

The Diaz rematch is not available. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites following the fight with Condit, so he is more than likely to be on the sidelines even longer than GSP. Diaz has even commented that he might hang up his gloves for good.

“(Condit) knows if he beats GSP, he’s gonna end up facing Ellenberger again (anyway),” said White, before adding, “we also have on the May 5 card on Fox, we have (Josh) Koscheck fighting (Johny) Hendricks.”

That makes things interesting as well. Regardless of who wins the Fox fight, it opens the door to a couple different scenarios.

The winner between Koscheck and Hendricks could end up as the next opponent for Ellenberger, the winner of that fight hanging out for Condit and St-Pierre to happen. Or maybe Condit gets tired of sitting on the sidelines, deciding he’d rather take his chances and fight again, remaining sharp for when St-Pierre does return.

The former is a very real scenario for Condit. Yes, he wants to unite the title with St-Pierre, but he is also a fighter that feeds off consistency and remaining active.

“He didn’t want to wait if he could have fought Diaz,” declared White. “Carlos might be sitting around, three months from now, he might have a different opinion.”

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