Will Brooks Rips Alex Oliveira, Who Misses Weight by 5.5 Pounds

September 30, 2016

Will BrooksWill Brooks was upset and tore into Alex Oliveira after his UFC Fight Night 96 opponent missed the lightweight cutoff by 5.5 pounds.

Missing weight by a small margin isn’t unheard of in this day and age when every athlete is vying for even the slightest of advantages in a fight. Oliveira, however, was beginning to knock on the door of the next weight class up when he tipped the scale at 161.5 pounds at Friday’s weigh-in in Portland, Ore.

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Though he’ll receive 20 percent of Oliveira’s show money after he stepped on the scale at 156 pounds – the limit for a lightweight non-title fight – Brooks was not happy with Oliveira not meeting his contracted requirement.

“Come on man, this is unprofessional. I take this serious. I’m not in the business of not doing my job,” Brooks said in a video he tweeted from a sauna while still cutting weight. “This is a profession. This is your job. Make weight. This is my problem with guys now.”

Brooks could have declined the fight, but accepted it at a catchweight, tweeting that the 20 percent he received from Oliveira was going into his daughter’s college fund.

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