MMAWeekly TV Exclusive
Most of you saw Barnett’s comments after his fight with Mirko Cro Cop, but MMAWeekly TV has an exclusive one on one interview with the former UFC Champion just a few days after his fight with Cro Cop to find out if he will fight again or retire. The interview is available now In The Cage at MMAWeekly TV in the Premium Section.

Barnett explained plenty of things in this exclusive 20 minute interview of how he feels after his fight with Cro Cop, plus whether he will retire now or not. He also talks about:
– talks extensively about the rematch with Cro Cop
– if he was in trouble at anytime during the fight
– mind and body needing to work together in a fight
– if the shoulder gave him trouble
– the “low blows” in the Cro Cop fight

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