Why is this a thing? Dana White is still talking about Tom Cruise vs. Justin Bieber (video)

(Courtesy of MMA Junkie)

It’s been a couple weeks since pop star Justin Bieber challenged actor Tom Cruise to a cage match, but believe it or not, we’re still talking about it. (And no, it wasn’t us that brought it up.)

While nearly everyone, including Dana White, shrugged off Bieber’s initial challenge as simple social media banter, the UFC president himself kind of stoked the fires around the idea by saying that he had been approached by a couple of guys close to one or the other parties mentioned.

Talk about Cruise vs. Bieber started to fade away after a few days, but were re-stoked on Thursday when White was a guest of Hashtag Sports.

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Since Hashtag Sports is all about engagement, of course Cruise vs. Bieber had to be a topic of discussion with White, after all, it lit up the internet for days, particularly on social media. 

What it all boils down to is White is all-in for such a “complete train wreck” of a fight.