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It’s been a wild week for our first ever MMA Idol Grand Prix. Eight fighters battled outside the Octagon to see who has the most talent in the mother of all freestyle rap battles.

It started on Monday as Yves Edwards stepped up and took our a recording of Sam Hogar’s “Sam What!” rap. Tuesday Wes Sims shocked the MMA world with his content that was truly hilarious and one for the ages. Sims upset Georges St.Pierre to move on to today’s final.

Wednesday it was Din Thomas showing why he was the number one seed with his talents, however Chris Leben shocked everyone and came on very strong to earn a tie with the rap MMA legend Thomas as both guys earned their way into the final.

Thursday was by far the strangest battle. Shonie Carter “Mr. International” had it flowing and did well with his silky smooth style and Charles “Crazy Horse” Bennett was…well….”crazy” with his seven second ramble that no one is clear what he said or meant. The effort was there for Bennett, but the rhyme was not. Shonie moved on to Friday’s round.

So now that brings us to today’s final round. One of these fighters, Yves Edwards, Din Thomas, Wes Sims, Chris Leben or Shonie Carter will be the first ever MMA Idol. If you missed any part of this week, then check out the Radio Archive. It has been a hilarious weird bizarre week as we get you set for Christmas. Who will win? Listen to today’s radio archive to find out who was the MMA IDOL!