Who is Favored if Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar Fight in the UFC?

Who is favored if the often rumored fight between former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former heavyweight titleholder Brock Lesnar ever meet in the Octagon?

Believe it or not, rumors about this fight are once again gaining steam, even though Jones is mired in adjudication of his latest anti-doping infraction and Lesnar is still performing in the WWE. Even UFC president Dana White is fanning the embers, as he recently said that both Jones and Lesnar remain “very interested” in fighting each other.

If Jones’ case is resolved soon and Lesnar completes his WWE contract and re-enters the UFC testing pool, the fight could possibly happen relatively soon. Nothing could even steer this fight into reality without some of these other things falling into place first, but if it were to happen, would Lesnar’s massive size advantage give him the edge over Jones or would Jones’ incredible skill and fluidity in the cage be more than Lesnar could overcome with his raw power and aggression?

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It’s a good question, but one that oddsmakers aren’t hesitant to answer, at least to some degree. The oddsmakers at Bovada believe that Jones is the better bet when it comes to who would win the fight.

They have Jones opening as a fairly heavy favorite at -350 to win, while Lesnar is the underdog in the bout at +260.

Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar

  • Jon Jones                     -350     (2/7)
  • Brock Lesnar                 +260     (13/5)

Who do you think would win the bout: Jon Jones or Brock Lesnar?