by Al Yu – MMAWeekly.com
At the IFL World Championship Semi-Finals earlier this month, Mike Whitehead defeated former UFC tournament champion Mark Kerr in his return fight. A former contestant on the Ultimate Fighter season two, Mike is coming off one of the biggest wins of his career. Whitehead recently appeared on MMAWeekly’s SoundOff Radio to about his fight and what to expect in the future.

The return of Mark Kerr has been anticipated by fans for quite some time. It was speculated by many in the MMA community that Mike Whitehead was brought in as a springboard for Kerr’s return. Whitehead commented on if he felt that was true.

“Yes, definitely. That’s the vibe that I got,” responded Mike. “Not that the IFL were setting me up at all; I think that’s what they were kind of hoping for.”

“I think the plans for Mark were to get him a win and then bring him on as a coach,” added Whitehead. “I’m sure they’ll probably still bring him on as a coach.”

The win over Kerr extends Whitehead’s winning streak to seven fights, all over heavyweight opponents. The last time Mike tasted defeat was at UFC 57 where he faced Keith Jardine at the light heavyweight limit.

“I’m comfortable at heavyweight but I’m a better athlete as a light heavyweight. For every ten pounds that I lose, I’m like a 25% better athlete. I just know that light heavyweight is where I belong.”

With a big win in his IFL debut, what holds for the future of Mike Whitehead?

“I haven’t even thought that far ahead yet. There’s definitely been some talk about it [fighting in the IFL again],” said Whitehead. “There’s been talk about going back to the UFC and there’s been talk about going to the WFA. There are a couple of federations that I can go to. I’m going to sit back and relax and make my decision coming up real soon.”