by Ken Pishna – MMAWeekly.com
World Extreme Cagefighting is setting up for its first foray into the pay-per-view market on Saturday night with WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber, and despite it being sandwiched among the distractions of a disappointing debacle at UFC 112, the Strikeforce brawl on CBS, and upcoming boxing and UFC pay-per-views in the next two weeks, UFC president Dana White says it couldn’t have come at a better time… at least for him.

“I’m glad we did it on this date… I need this fight right now, for my own sanity,” he said on Thursday, referring to the fallout from UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s baffling performance against Demian Maia in Abu Dhabi.

“I’m flipping out about one little glitch. We’ve had such a perfect record for the last 10 years. You could count on one hand how many fights have sucked,” said White.

“I take it personal when we don’t put on a good performance. Did it really hurt the sport and has it set the sport back? No.”

Most of that “good performance” falls on the shoulders of the guys the fans pay to see, fighters like Anderson Silva, and this weekend, fighters like Jose Aldo and Urijah Faber, and White knows it.

“The fighters deserve the credit. I can put on all the bells and whistles and all that great stuff, but these guys come in and perform.”

Still, he wants each show the UFC puts on to be the best that it can be, each and every time, which is a big part of why he was so upset when Silva’s performance left so many feeling disappointed, including him. He was so disappointed, in fact, that he left Octagon-side before the final round, something he’s never done before.

“I have, I’ll call it the balls, to say I know on Saturday night, you buy this pay-per-view, these guys are going to perform,” he said. “The crew that’s on this card, you’re not going to see any stalling, any goofing around. You’re going to see guys going out there and looking to finish.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the decision to take WEC onto pay-per-view, most of it centered around the price, $44.99, which is the same that the UFC charges. White doesn’t back down from the comments, about going to pay-per-view or the price of it.

“For these smaller guys to be on pay-per-view, that’s how these guys make their money. Everybody was talking about the price of this event. This is what it should be priced at. This is what these guys deserve,” he declared. “This isn’t a smaller event, the little brother of the UFC. These guys are the best in the world in their weight classes.

“If you can’t afford to buy it, don’t buy it… or get some more friends and have them come over and kick in because these guys deserve it.”