by Steven Marrocco – MMAWeekly.com
LAS VEGAS – UFC President Dana White tagged along with heavyweight standout Cain Velasquez for a UFC Fight Club Q & A and ran the gamut of current topics in the world of UFC.

Here is a rundown of what was said:

* On the status of Brock Lesnar: “He’s really sick and we’re not sure where he’s at now. He’s going to the Mayo Clinic very soon to get checked out, and if he can’t compete soon enough, then we do probably an interim title.”

* On the saga of signing Fedor: “I’ve been trying to acquire Fedor. It takes two to make a deal. We offered him what I thought was a respectable deal to come into the UFC and prove if he is the best or one of the best, and they turned it down. I’d put any one of these heavyweights in with Fedor. I want to get that bald, little, fat guy over here real quick; believe me. All the Fedor fans get pissed when I say that.”

* The future of Karo Parisyan (not good): “Karo has a lot of problems – mentally, physically, emotionally. He’s got more problems than I could even talk about right now, or care to talk about. He needs to get his personal life fixed and taken care of before he ever thinks bout fighting again. The things he’s done the last three fights have been so unprofessional; it’s ridiculous and it’s unforgivable. I like Karo Parisyan; he’s had his days where there were some great fights. He hasn’t been that Karo Parisyan for a long time.”

* White was disappointed by the UFC’s first showing in Chicago and promised the promotion will return to the Windy City soon.

* Matt Hughes will be fighting early next year.

* Chuck Liddell will meet with White soon to discuss his UFC future. Liddell has one more dance with “Dancing With The Stars” in the finale show, according to White.

* Zuffa just signed a new deal with Versus, home of the WEC, and has talked about folding the featherweight and bantamweight divisions into the UFC. “If that happened, it’s going to be a while,” said White.

* The UFC’s next trip to the Pacific Northwest will be Seattle.

* On the rash of injuries and sicknesses that have ravaged recent cards: “There’s never really a plan B (in putting together cards),” said White. “We have been jinxed lately. We’ve had more crazy (expletive) happen in the last three months than the last eight years. We’ve never really had to deal with this, but we’re dealing with it.”

* White predicted Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will face the winner of Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva.

* Michael Bisping has his next fight, though White wouldn’t say who.

* The UFC’s third trip to Montreal, presumably UFC 113, isn’t 100 percent, said White, but he was “pretty sure it was going to happen.”

* On TUF 10 frontrunner Roy Nelson: He is “irritating” and “aggravating.” “He keeps winning, so he can be as irritating as he wants to be, as long as he keeps winning,” added White.

* On a meeting with Shane McMahon, the son of WWE head Vince McMahon, who recently left the wrestling organization. “He’s a huge MMA fan, and you never know,” said White.

* White said he offered Gina Carano a deal when she was with EliteXC. “There was this loophole in her contract, and I tried to get her and bring her into the UFC,” he said. “The deal never happened, obviously.”

* The first step in an overhaul of the MMA regulatory system is to find competent judges.

* Georges St-Pierre will likely meet Dan Hardy in February (although multiple sources tell MMAWeekly.com the date is too soon, and March is more likely).

* UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner is headed to Virginia this week to discuss MMA regulation. The state’s athletic commission recently took a heap of criticism for its judging at an Ultimate Warrior Challenge show last month. The UFC is headed to the same venue, The Patriot Center, in Fairfax.

* On referee Steve Mazzagatti, whom White has publicly trashed in interviews: “I do not dislike him at all. He’s a very nice guy, you couldn’t meet a nicer guy… he’s just not a referee.”