When Rampage Jackson Calls Liam Neeson for Roles In Movies, He Gets Hung Up On

October 14, 2014


Former UFC champ and current Bellator pro wrestler fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is trying his luck in Hollywood. He’s done small roles, like the one in “Miss March” when his only line was “I hate it when that happens,” to The A-Team where he played the role of B.A. Baracus. These and a long list of other smaller releases have made a formidable resumé for Rampage on IMDB.com.

But apparently, Jackson’s portfolio and reputation aren’t good enough for him to land a role in a film with one of his A-Team co-stars. Oscar-winning actor Liam Neeson apparently hangs up the phone when Rampage calls and asks to be in a another film with him.

Check out the video below of Jackson talking about Neeson, as well as him explaining his reluctance to wear a tutu because why not.

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