What’s Up With the Miguel Torres Tumbling Routine?

As mixed martial arts has developed into a combat style in and of itself, we typically see fewer obscure techniques in fights that are usually associated with a specific traditional martial arts discipline. There are a few exceptions though.

One such recent exception was Miguel Torres’ forward roll combined with an axe kick. He used the technique, which he dubs the “suicide kick,” in his latest title defense, against Manny Tapia at WEC 37 on Wednesday night.

“The suicide kick? I have a lot of tricks in my bag. My coach hates it when I do stuff like that. It’s real high risk,” Torres commented about the technique after the fight.

“I think it was after a left that I caught him with, he was a little bit stunned when I went for it. I think I barely missed him. Right after the kick, he kind of smiled at me and was like, ‘that was a nice kick.'”

But it’s not even that Torres necessarily intended to land the kick. As he explained, “I do that kick sometimes to bait the guy to come into my guard, so I can do the up-kick or a leg lock or something. He was pretty savvy about getting away.”

So there you have it… the Miguel Torres suicide kick.