BY Jeff Cain
“Quick” is a fitting nickname for UFC fighter Mike Swick. Half of his wins have come by way of knockout in under 27 seconds. He may have gotten the moniker due to his hand speed, but the speed that he’s putting opponents away is incredible. Fresh off a 22 second knockout of Gideon Ray, Mike Swick spoke with MMAWeekly SoundOff radio about his win.

“By the time I walk out I start getting really pumped, and usually when I get to the ring I get clear headed, and just kind of on a mission. You know? My mind set is I’m going to win the fight, and I’ve put too much into it, and you’re not going to take it away from me, and I get amped. I get excited. For this fight, I’ve never had like so much stress and stuff getting ready for a fight because I was like really injured…I didn’t say anything obviously in interviews and stuff, but it’s been like a really hard road getting ready for this fight…I was just trying to fight if there was any possible way, and I showed up, and it worked out.” Mike Swick told MMAWeekly.

Mike was recovering from a separated shoulder, a hyper-extended left arm, and a rib injury. He commented, “It put a lot of pressure before the fight. Like this is probably the most nervous, and pressure I’ve ever felt before a fight. Just because the situation I was at. If I lost to Gideon that could have been it. You know? I could have been out, and the UFC career could be on pause for a while, so that’s a lot of pressure. You know? When you fight these fights you’ve got to win. You’ve got to try to do it in impressive fashion, and when you have injuries and stuff before the fight it just adds to it…I went ahead and went through with it, and I worked that one out.”

Discussing the fight itself, Swick said, “I just try to take what’s open and available, and I feinted that punch, and when I did he came in and threw…and then that put his fist out, and I just saw his head open. I took it, a three punch combination.”

Fighting on national television has it’s benefits. Mike stated, “The response that I’ve gotten since the fight is just incredible. At first I didn’t even know if they were going to play the fight, and I found out that they played it. The hits on my web page was just incredible. It’s really good to just get in there and respond, and hear what people have to say. Even after the Alex fight I got a lot of negative feedback. A lot of people were like my chin was too high, I swung too wild, and it was a fluke. The fans sometimes can be pretty harsh about it. I just kept working on my technique, and just trying to do whatever I needed to do, and it seems like after this one everyone’s a lot more supportive. You know? Saying a lot more positive things.”

The one blemish on Mike Swick’s record is a loss to fellow season one of The Ultimate Fighter cast member, Chris Leben. Asked if he’d like a rematch with Leben, Mike replied. “Of course I do. Yeah I definitely want that rematch, and I know I’m going to get it. It’ll be a matter time. It could be the next fight. It could be a couple of fights. At this point there’s so much hype, and so much kind of built on it. I know it’s coming. I’m not as worried about it like a few months ago when I didn’t know if I’d ever get that rematch or whatever. I’m thinking it’s going to happen eventually.”

Questioned who’d he’d like to fight in the future other than Chris Leben, Swick said, “It’s just so good to be in there fighting these guys I’m just overwhelmed with the opportunity. You know? All of them…There’s no one that I just, I mean obviously there’s Leben. I want to get the rematch because I have a loss with him, but I’m honored to fight any of these guys at middleweight. I think they’re really good. I mean you’ve got Riggs and Loiseau. I mean there’s just so many talented fighters in the middleweight division, and I just can’t wait to continue fighting, and seeing where I stack with these guys.”