What is Being Done About Consussions in MMA?

Junior dos Santos and Shane Carwin at UFC 131

Junior dos Santos lands a shot on Shane Carwin.

The trauma caused by concussions in boxing is obvious. The most famous boxer of all times, Muhammad Ali, wears the effects of numerous concussions from his boxing career on his body every day of his life in the form of Parkinson’s disease.

But what about mixed martial artists? One of the big selling points of the sports’ proponents is that it is actually much safer than boxing. In mixed martial arts, a fighter gets knocked loopy, unable to defend himself, and the bout is over. In boxing, a fighter is given time to recoup at least some of his faculties, then continues to take more blows.

It’s still not clear, however, what the effects of concussions are on MMA fighters.

Inside MMA reporter Ron Kruck delved into the issue, finding out what MMA proponents are doing to tackle the issue of concussions. He also followed UFC welterweight Jorge Lopez into a trial study being done on the effects of concussions on MMA fighters.

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