What in the World was a Nearly Naked Ryan Bader Doing at a College Basketball Game?

February 16, 2018

What in the world was Bellator light heavyweight champion and former TUF winner Ryan Bader doing nearly naked alongside a pair of Pikachus at an Arizona State basketball game? 

That is a darned good question and a difficult one to answer. 

Well, actually, it’s not.

Bader is an ASU alum, where he was a two-time All American and three-time PAC-10 champion in wrestling. His alma mater was playing longtime rival University of Arizona on Thursday night and they wanted every advantage they could muster, so they called on the school’s most famous mixed martial artist to be part of the ASU Curtain of Distraction.

Now, no one wants to see Darth’s Baders, and fortunately, no one did. Bader wore his Bellator belt.

Just how the Pikachus fit in is anyone’s best guess!