What if Jon Jones Returned at Heavyweight? Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez Don’t Like It

September 15, 2016

Fighting at heavyweight is something that Jon Jones has frequently been asked about, and an idea that he has contemplated over the years. But what if he were to return from his recent troubles with the United States Anti-Doping Agency and the Nevada Athletic Commission and fight at heavyweight? What if he were to be thrown immediately into a title fight with heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

These are questions that UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and former two-time heavyweight titleholder Cain Velasquez discussed on Wednesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight.

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The discussion likely stems from an offhand question posed to Jones on Twitter after Miocic successfully defended his belt against Alistair Overeem on Saturday night in Cleveland, Ohio.

“How do you think you’d do in a fight against Stipe?

Jones amended his tweet, as he intended to say, “It would be the challenge of a lifetime,” not I.

With that comment floating through the Twittersphere, Cormier brought up the idea to Velasquez, questioning, “What would you think if Jones Jones came back and actually got a shot against Stipe Mioic?”

Jon Jones v Daniel Cormier Media Day 750“After everything that has been going on right now, as far as his test coming back positive, I think it’d be BS if he came back and got a title shot right away. No, that shouldn’t happen,” said Velasquez.

Cormier later weighed in on the matter as well, injecting himself into the heavyweight sweepstakes, which wouldn’t be all that far fetched since he entered the Octagon as a heavyweight. He defeated Frank Mir and Roy Nelson before making the drop to light heavyweight, largely because he didn’t want to compete against his AKA teammate, Velasquez.

“Obviously, he would do well if he fought for the heavyweight championship. That’s a fact, but the guy’s not eligible to compete,” said Cormier.

“If they want to let someone go up and fight for the heavyweight title, I’ll do it. I’ll go fight Stipe Miocic any day. If they’re going to let a guy go up and fight in a fight like that, why not me? I’m the one that’s here competing. I would actually go up first if they said they want to give a 205-pound fighter a title shot.

“The question is: what would I do after I beat Stipe? I’d probably hand the belt over to Cain Velasquez, because I want none of those problems.”

Of course, the argument is largely moot, as Jones is still mired in the drug test issue that forced him out of the UFC 200 main event. And even when he does return, UFC president Dana White has already said he is leaning more towards the idea of a Jon Jones vs. Anthony Johnson match-up.

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