What gets a fighter into the UFC? Ask the Flying Knee! (fight highlights video)

August 1, 2019

When the UFC developed Dana White’s Contender Series, the plan was to provide a platform for fighters that are on the bubble an opportunity to show why they should be signed to a UFC contract.

The show has produced some considerable talents. 

But it’s not simply victory that moves a fighter from the Contender Series to the bright lights of the UFC.

So what is it that gets a fighter that step up to the next level? Well, if you witnessed Dana White’s Contender Series earlier this week, the easy answer is to launch a flying knee knockout. 

Dana White was ready to sign Aalon Cruz on the spot following this brutal flying knee knockout.

Not to be outdone, Aleksa Camur landing a flying knee of his own, although his opponent lasted a few moments longer than Cruz’s. The outcome was still the same, however, as Camur finished the fight and earned a UFC contract.

Following the conclusion of the fights, White spoke with commentator Laura Sanko to announce the various fighters that he awarded contracts to this week.

(Courtesy of UFC)