What California is Doing to Curb Dangerous Weight Cutting in MMA and Boxing (Video)

(Video courtesy of HBOBoxing | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

It’s no secret that weight cutting is one of the major issues facing combat sports.

Both boxing and mixed martial arts have taken the spotlight for everything from fighters missing weight to promoters handle such issues to fighters suffering sometimes severe medical issues related to a botched weight cut. 

Most of the medical issues stem from fighters that go to extremes to cut unbelievable amounts of weight. It’s not all that uncommon for a fighter to cut 10-percent of his or her body weight in order to hit the mark on the scale, only to regain much of that weight by fight time.

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The California State Athletic Commission, under the leadership of executive director Andy Foster, is leading the charge to try and curb extreme weight-cutting practices in both boxing and mixed martial arts. 

In a recent feature on The Fight Game on HBO, Foster discussed the issue and explained what California is doing to try and improve weight cutting in combat sports.