Check back here for LIVE results from the World Fighting Alliance’s “King of the Streets” event in Los Angeles, California as the fights take place.

The preliminary bouts are scheduled to start shortly before 6 p.m. Pacific time, with the main card to start about 7 p.m. Pacific time.

We’ll have live results coming in as soon as the bouts start.

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Round 1 – Lindland clinches quickly, but Rampage turns him and puts him up against the fence, where they jockey for position. Rampage picks Lindland up and slams him to the mat, landing in side control. Lindland works his way back to the feet, with the fighters clinched on the fence once more. They continue to wrestle from the Greco-Roman clinch, with each landing a good forearm or two.

Lindland drops down and lands a solid double-leg slam on Rampage. They scramble and Lindland works his way to Rampage’s back, where he is working for the choke. Lindland is controlling Rampage and working around to get a better position on Rampage’s back. Lindland locks on the rear naked choke.

Rampage stands part way up and somehow manages to shuck Lindland off. Rampage gets top position in Lindland’s guard, where he ground and pounds him to close out the last 10 seconds of the round.

Round 2 – They clinch quickly, separate, and Lindland misses with a big right hook, but pulls it back in as a backfist that lands. Then they clinch along the fence. Rampage lands a nice uppercut and knee to the midsection.

Rampage scoops Lindland up and power slams him to the mat a la WFA commentator Bill Goldberg. With Rampage on top and in control, Lindland somehow finds a way to stand it up. But Rampage lands some big blows along the fence, clinches, and leg trips Lindland back to the mat. Lindland gets out again and is back on his feet working for a single-leg takedown. They finish the round clinched along the fence, trading shots.

Round 3 – They once again clinch along the fence working for position. Looks like there’s been a lot of jawing between the two the entire fight. Halfway through the round, they break and proceed to stand and trade in the center of the ring. Both fighters are landing, but Rampage is doing more damage. They clinch again, and Lindland knees Rampage in the face. Lindland works to the guillotine choke, which is on tight.

After being in the choke for nearly twenty seconds, Rampage somehow slips out and starts working his ground and pound game on Lindland from the side

Rampage punishes Lindland for the last 20-30 seconds of the round, causing a cut on the bridge of Lindland’s nose, but can’t finish him off. Once again, we await the judges’ scorecards in a very exciting fight. Awesome main event. Shaquille O’Neill in the house!

The judges’ scores:
29-28 Lindland
29-28 Jackson
29-28 Jackson

Quinton Jackson wins by split decision.

Round 1 – This one looks to be staying on the feet, with both fighters throwing blows, but Bas definitely being more active and rocking Warpath about 40 seconds into the round. Warpath strikes back with a pretty good shot, but Bas fires back with a strong combination, including uppercuts that are damaging Warpath.

Warpath lands a big shot of his own that seems to rock Bas and follows up with uppercuts, and the two bang away in the clinch. Bas almost looks like he might be a little bit tired right now, but he’s definitely landing the cleaner, quicker shots.

Bas attacks the legs of Warpath, lands a heavy kick that drops him to the mat, and Warpath can’t continue. Bas Rutten wins his comeback by TKO at 3:44 of the first round.

Round 1 – Neither fighter touches the other for the first 20-30 seconds, then Machida throws a leg kick and White rushes him with punches and forces him to the mat. Machida attempts a triangle choke, but White powers up and out of it. White stands and peppers Machida’s legs with kicks, but the action slows and referee Nelson Hamilton stands them up. Back on their feet, both fighters are hesitant to trade blows. Neither fighter did hardly anything for the last two or two-and-a-half minutes of the round.

Round 2 – Boos rain down, as there’s no action and we’re nearly halfway through the round. Save for an occasional punch or kick, there is almost no action for the entire second round. With about 30 seconds left in the round, White slips and falls to his back. Machida falls into his White’s guard, but isn’t able to mount much damage with a weak ground and pound attack.

Round 3 – Halfway through the round, after no action through the first portion, they end up on the ground. Machida goes for a rear naked choke, but White reverses into Machida’s guard.

The judges score it as a unanimous decision victory for Lyoto Machida.

Round 1 – Miller starts off quickly with a flying kick and a flying knee, then shoots for the takedown, but ends up clinched up against the fence. Miller lands several hard knees to the midsection of Sincaid. After a brief scramble, they re-clinch and Miller uses head control and drags Sincaid to the mat, where he takes his back and sinks in his hooks. Miller then transitions from hooks to a body triangle and starts to pound away at Sincaid, looking to soften him up for a rear naked choke attempt.

Sincaid works to defend the choke with Miller all over his back. Sincaid finally gets out, reverses position, and lands a couple of good shots of his own. But Miller quickly transitions back to Sincaid’s back and is all over him like a spider. Miller breaks Sincaid down and sinks in the rear naked choke for the win.

Miller celebrates with a little break dance action in the ring.

Miller gets the win officially at 4:29 of Round 1 by rear naked choke.

Round 1 – These guys start early, trading blows, but neither is doing much damage. Salaverry does a good job landing some leg kicks, and both fighters are throwing blows, looking to find an opening. Salaverry continues to work the legs and body of Santore with kicks, and he also lands some nice combinations throughout the second half of the round. Santore seems more content to work with his hands, and he is able to land a couple of pretty hard shots.

Round 2 – They start trading blows right away at the start of the round with kicks and punches from both fighters. Santore lands a couple of shots that get Salaverry going backwards, and then Santore bull-rushes Salaverry to the ground. Santore is in Salaverry’s guard and trying to work some ground and pound, but Salaverry ties him up and referee Cecil Peoples puts them back on their feet.

Santore starts to push the pace, but Salaverry lands some hard counter-punches and follows them with more good leg kicks. Salaverry rocks Santore with some big punch combinations, kicks him in the midsection, and drops him to the mat with a huge left hook. Salaverry follows Santore down and lands some huge punches that just mangle Santore’s face as Peoples stops the bout.

Ivan Salaverry wins by TKO at 4:18 of Round 2.

Round 1 – Rodriguez starts off by throwing a couple of punches, followed by a flying punch, but Waterman doesn’t seem affected at all. They clinch and Waterman puts Rodriguez up to the fence, as they both work for underhooks in a Greco-Roman clinch. They start to scramble up against the fence, and Waterman goes for a single-leg takedown, but Rodriguez does a good job of defending and works back into a clinch, then lands a couple of good knees.

Waterman seems very intent on getting the takedown, but Rodriguez keeps defending. Both fighters are looking extremely tired as we approach the end of the round. Out of nowhere, Rodriguez lands a flying knee and follows up with some good punches, but can’t put Waterman away.

The fight is stopped in between rounds on the recommendation of the ringside physician, due to damage to the eye of Waterman.

Rodriguez wins by TKO at 5:00 of Round 1 when Nelson Hamilton stops the fight on recommendation of the doctor.

Sarmiento and McCullough are in the ring being announced. We’ll be back underway in just a few moments.

Round 1 – The fighters are feeling each other out a bit, with neither one yet venturing to take much of a chance.

Halfway through the first, neither fighter has done much to get ahead on the scorecards, although McCullough did land a couple of solid leg kicks.

As the round is coming to a close, McCullough has started to land a little more frequently with the leg kicks. While Sarmiento has landed a few good hand combinations, it looks as if McCullough is being a bit more effective as the round ends.

Round 2 – The second round starts much as the first ended. McCullough is landing here and there with solid leg kicks that should start to add up in damage. Sarmiento is still trying to work with his boxing, but McCullough seems to be more effective at inflicting any damage. Sarmiento catches one of McCullough’s kicks and forces him to the mat, but McCullough gets up rather quickly.

Much of the same as the round comes to an end, with McCullough landing kicks and Sarmiento trying to fight back with his boxing. Again, McCullough is getting the better of things with his leg kicks.

Round 3 – McCullough catches a kick from Sarmiento early and puts him on the mat, throwing strikes in on him while he’s down. But Sarmiento gets back to his feet fairly quickly and they start to trade single blows once again.

Both fighters are throwing primarily single shots throughout the round. With less than a minute left, they clinch up against the fence, trading knees. Looks like another one for the scorecards.

The judges score it a unanimous decision for “Razor” Rob McCullough.

As the fighters are introduced, Marvin Eastman has continued to face away from Jorge Olivera. He doesn’t seem to want to look at the Brazilian, who is very, very popular here at the Forum.

Round 1 – Not much happening early. Olivera is taking a few testing-out swings and throwing a couple of high kicks that don’t land. A couple of good leg kicks are landed by each fighter, but it appears that Olivera is a bit more aggressive in his attempts. Eastman seem to be holding back and waiting to counter. Olivera gets a little sloppy in his attempts, and Eastman uses that to get inside and land some nice combinations. It appears that Olivera has a cut under his left eye.

During the second half of the round, Eastman seemed to gain a little bit of steam, landing a few good leg kicks and a couple of really stiff jabs that seemed to sting Olivera a bit.

Round 2 – Olivera is again being very aggressive and pushing the pace, but maybe being a little bit too anxious. Eastman is doing a good job countering and seems to be landing the more effective shots. There’s a little bit of a stall in the action through the middle of the round. Olivera looks to be tiring a bit, while Eastman is sitting back and looking to counter.

The second round finishes in a flurry, as Eastman lands a strong right hand, but gets stunned by Olivera as he does so. They go back and forth a bit, with a flurry of combinations from Olivera, but Eastman lands a couple of big right hands as the round closes out. Olivera has blood streaming from the cut under his eye.

Round 3 – Eastman lands another big right hand early in the round, but Olivera answers back with a huge left hand, which is his strong side since he is a southpaw. Olivera is switching back and forth between a southpaw stance and a conventional stance, but the action has seemed to stall again, as both fighters are looking for an opening. Both fighters trade a couple of leg kicks, and then Olivera lands a nice kick to the head of Eastman. Moments later, Eastman fires back with another big right hand.

The crowd is getting restless, as neither fighter seems ready to let the leather fly. They are both throwing shots here and there, but neither one seems to want to risk everything and go for the win as the round closes out… we’re headed to the scorecards.

The judges’ scores:
30-27 Eastman
29-28 Olivera
29-29 Draw

The fight is a split decision – draw.

Round 1 – After a brief feeling-out period, the fighters clinched and fell to the mat with Kampmann on top. Kampmann tries to with his ground and pound game within Aguliar’s guard. Kampmann landed a few heavy shots before the fighters worked their way back up to a standing position. Kampmann then landed some good knees, followed by a few heavy punches that had Aguilar crumpling to the ground. Referee Cecil Peoples stepped in to stopped the fight at 2:43 of the first round. Your winner by way of TKO is Martin Kampmann.

This fight was scrapped. Evidently, McKee weighed in heavy and Arredondo light, so Arredondo refused the fight.