Westin Wilson out to prove everyone wrong at LFA 66

Though he initially thought his bout versus Javier Garcia at FCOC 56 in February was going to go one way, shortly before the bout Westin Wilson ended up changing his strategy and picked up a first round submission win.

“I knew that I was the better striker, but in the back (warming up for the fight), I kind of felt like I was the better grappler, so we struck for about 30 seconds and I decided to take it to the ground, and I did prove that I was a more well-rounded fighter than I was in the past,” Wilson told MMAWeekly.com.

The win over Garcia was Wilson’s second in a row, and his fourth in his last five fights. Wilson credits his new training philosophy for helping him having such recent success.

“It’s a combination of little things and big jumps,” said Wilson. “I moved out to California and changed up my whole regimen. Now I’ve got a striking coach, I have a Jiu-Jitsu coach, and I have a strength and conditioning program; I go to different places and I don’t have one particular team.

“I’m able to get more one-on-one improvement and really dial into what is needed all under the direction of a collective of coaches instead of just being at one place.”

On Friday in West Valley City, Utah, Wilson (7-3) will look to pick up his third win in a row when he faces off against Andrew Tenneson (7-1) in a main card featherweight fight at LFA 66.

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“Andrew is a tough dude, and he is very well-rounded, but I think I’ve found some weaknesses,” Wilson said. “I think it’s the first time in 15 (total) fights that I’ve been fighting a southpaw. I worked with Raymond Daniels and did most of my camp with him, and he’s a southpaw, so I’ve learned a lot of tricks and things we can use.

“I know when Andrew is pressured he tends to rely on the clinch and tries to get it to the ground, so we’ve worked on that and I believe I’ll be ready for it as well.”

For Wilson, building a winning streak and keeping it going is a part of his 2019 plans, but it’s not the only thing he’s focused on.

“My goal this year was to have five fights,” said Wilson. “I had a couple fall through. I wanted to have three fights by this point, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve had a couple of injuries hold me up.

“Of course I want to make it (to the UFC), but it’s more for my legacy. I’m kind of here to prove everyone wrong and let my daughters know if there’s anything want to do in life that they can do it. I’m trying to prove that to them by what I’m doing through fighting.”