Wes Swofford “Looking at Sam Alvey; the MFC Belt is a Huge Bonus”

Wes SwoffordA lack of consistency temporarily derailed middleweight Wes “Nile” Swofford’s ascent up the ranks.

Heading into the year, Swofford had been on a four-fight winning streak, but then he split his next four bouts, alternating between losses and wins.

Looking back, Swofford told MMAWeekly.com that there wasn’t one specific reason things didn’t go his way in his losses, but more so there was a set of unforeseen circumstances.

“There were a lot of variables,” said Swofford. “Like when I went to Poland (in April) to fight Thomas Drwal; it was the first time I was dealing with jetlag and I was exhausted the whole time I was up there because I was only sleeping a couple hours a day and never got adjusted.

“There’s certain things we looked at (and made adjustments for) so that it doesn’t happen again. Right now it’s just focusing on what’s next.”

Swofford was able to win his last fight of 2013 and earn a shot at Sam Alvey’s MFC 185-pound title on May 9 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Heading into the bout with Alvey, Swofford’s biggest change was to be ready for the extra rounds of a championship fight.

“For this fight, the things we’ve done different is just a lot more cardio,” said Swofford. “It’s a five-round fight. Just getting in fresh guys in for sparring and just really raise the bar as far as cardio goes.

“We’re prepared to go the distance if it comes to that, but I’m looking to hurt (Alvey) and get my hand raised.”

Being aggressive and asserting himself is what Swofford feels could be the difference between winning the fight and him going home empty handed.

“I’ve really got to take the title,” said Swofford. “I need to stop Sam – knock him out or submit him – or in very least win every round decisively.

“We can’t leave it in the judges’ hands unless it’s really a one-sided, lopsided, ass-whooping with him on the receiving end of it.”

While winning the MFC middleweight title would be a huge boost to Swofford’s career, he’s more focused on the fight itself and anything extra is just icing on the cake.

“I’m not looking at the belt,” he said. “I’m looking at Sam Alvey. The belt’s just a bonus. I’m out there to beat Sam Alvey. Getting the belt is a huge bonus and huge for my career, but I’ve got to keep the focus on Sam.

“I’ve already accomplished more than I ever thought I would. So I’ll just take it one fight a time, see what offers I get, what the MFC’s got and keep going.”

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