Well, Conor McGregor Just Offered to Rest His Balls on Chad Mendes’ Forehead (Video)

October 21, 2014


Oh, Conor McGregor, you know the way to our hearts.

Not since the Sonnen era (too soon?) has there been a man who can, with a moment’s notice, deliver eloquent responses in the form of trash talk quite like Conor. Did he write it all down beforehand? Maybe. But then again, he might be a freestyle-rap artist able to come up with lines off the top of the head better than KRS-One and Supernatural. If so, wow. Just wow.

McGregor put his trash talk on display again today on BT Sport, this time barking rhetoric at fellow UFC featherweight Chad Mendes. When Mendes asked if McGregor knew what wrestling is, the Irishman responded by saying, “I can rest my balls on your forehead.”

*hits floor, laughing*

And I’m done. ROLL THE CLIP!

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