Weigh-In’s Complete, Penn and Gracie Make Weight

BJ Penn and Renzo Gracie at K-1 HawaiiBJ Penn and Renzo Gracie both made weight today in preparation for Friday night’s fight. Penn weighed in at 185 pounds. Penn told MMAWeekly’s Ryan Bennett, “I weighed 193 when I came to Honolulu this week, so I’m glad I made weight. I can’t wait for the fight.”

Renzo Gracie looked very good at 185. There were no photo’s allowed for the media to take pictures of this weigh-in, however K-1 was nice enough to let our MMAWeekly TV camera’s get VIDEO of a few of the weigh-in’s for Penn and Gracie which will be up tonight.

BJ Penn weighed in at 185, Renzo was at 185, Gary Goodridge tipped the scales at 240. Cabbage Correria is at 260. The other heavyweights in the tournament chose not to be weighed in officially as they didn’t have to worry about making weight. The other fighters were weighed in later in the day.

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