by April Pishna
MMAWeekly’s Scott Petersen was the first to get you exclusive video interviews from Las Vegas and now he has UFC Weigh-in Photos now up in the Photo Gallery.

Just click on the Photo Gallery and look under the subject “UFC UFN” and check out today’s weigh-in. Coming up in a few minutes the VIDEO weigh-in’s on MMAWeekly TV.

If you missed today’s Radio show you missed Chuck Liddell, Pete Spratt, Heath Herring, plus the weigh-in’s LIVE on the radio and more. It’s all available today at MMAWeekly.com.

Here is Ken Pishna’s quick notes from today’s radio show weigh-in from Las Vegas.

Josh Neer vs Drew Fickett – Both fighters looked to be in great shape. Fickett looks forward to this fight now that he has a UFC under his belt. Said there was so much to absorb for your first UFC and is more ready the second time around. Neer is a mad man who has 90 amateur fights and just wants his time to shine.

Kenny Florian vs Alex Karalexis – Both fighters tipped the scales at 170. Karalexis looks in much better shape this time around and Florian looks better physically at 170 then last time, even though he’s a true 155 pounder.

Gideon Ray vs Mike Swick – Ray is shredded at 181. Only concern is once again he’s the smaller fighter. He traditionally fought at 170 and now going up in weight to 185. He was four pounds under the weight, but still has quickness. Swick looks strong at 185.

Pete Spratt vs Josh Koscheck – Spratt in unbelievable shape. Looks much better at this UFC weigh-in than previous weigh-in’s. Koscheck looks very solid and looks even leaner now then he did a few months ago.

Pete “Drago” Sell vs Nate Quarry – This should be an outstanding match. Quarry won’t be the bigger fighter as he usually is. Sell walked around at 200 pounds for this training camp and both fighters looked in great shape at 186. Good even fight.

Sam Hoger vs Stephan Bonner – Hoger tipped the scales at 205 and has been working hard with the Miletich Crew. Bonner looked in great shape at 206.

Patrick Cote vs Chris Leben – Even though Leben weighed a half pound heavier than Cote, it was the Canadian who looked bigger at the weigh-in. This has fireworks written all over it.

Nathan Marquardt vs Ivan Salaverry – Both fighters tipped the scales at 184. Marquardt cut 11 pounds in a day to make weight. Ken Pishna said “he’s done this plenty of times. In Japan he cut 12 pounds in a day and said he felt very strong.” Salaverry looked solid at 184 so this should be a great main event.