WEC vs. UFC? The door is open…

It hasn’t been done thus far, but World Extreme Cagefighting vice president Peter Dropick told the media on Tuesday that it is a possibility… that being a WEC fighter vs. a UFC fighter.

“You know, Dana (White, UFC president) has said from the beginning that anything’s possible,” said Dropick, before adding, “Currently, we don’t have plans for it, but if there’s the right match-up or the right scenario, I think everyone is open to it.”
It will happen in a way because the WEC, following its November and December events, will be closing up shop on its 185- and 205-pound divisions.

“From there (following December), (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva will take a look at who he is going to move over to the UFC and who they’ll release.”

One name that is consistently brought up to challenge the UFC’s fighters is WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit. The promotion has had a difficult time finding new challengers for Condit and he’s got to be tiring of rematches.

He proudly says that he is a WEC fighter and wants to continue to defend his crown as WEC champion, but there will have to come a day when he’s exhausted enough of the competition that he’ll be ported over to the UFC. Who knows, maybe he will be part of the first WEC/UFC unification bout.

Dropick certainly left it open. “It’s the same family. (Dana) said that from day one, but currently we don’t have any plans on paper to do that.”