Press Release courtesy of WEC
World Extreme Cagefighting on Tuesday announced a multi-year television agreement with Globosat in Brazil. Beginning with a live broadcast of the Nov. 18 card featuring a featherweight title fight between champion Mike Brown and challenger Jose Aldo, Globosat will carry all WEC events on its Combate Brasil channel. The agreement gives thousands of viewers in Brazil access to the best light weight fighters in the world, including Brazilians Aldo, Wagnney Fabiano, and Diego Nunes.

“We are pleased to announce this partnership with Globosat and excited that the fans in Brazil have an opportunity to see their own Jose Aldo fight for a world title on Nov. 18,” WEC Vice President Peter Dropick said. “Brazil is home to some of the top mixed martial artists in the world and the fans there are very passionate about the sport. We are happy to bring WEC programming to Combate Brasil.”

“MMA is attracting more Brazilian fans each day,” Armando Augusto Nogueira, manager of pay-per-view channels and international events for Globosat, said. “That’s why Combate offers, besides UFC, another great event of this sport, WEC. For the first time, we will show WEC, which involves the exciting lighter categories of MMA.”

World Extreme Cagefighting joins a television line-up that includes world-class boxing and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. By giving Brazilian fans access to the world’s elite light weight mixed martial artists via live broadcasts and ancillary programming, Dropick believes the WEC brand will continue its steady growth internationally.

“Brazil is home to some of the most legendary fighters in the history of our sport,” Dropick said. “We are confident that WEC fighters like Jose Aldo, Wagnney Fabiano, and others can carry on the legacy that started with Hall of Famers like Royce Gracie.”