by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Chase Beebe did the unexpected when he defeated Eddie Wineland to become the WEC bantamweight champion. He surprised a few more people when he escaped ground wizard Rani Yahya and won a unanimous decision. The champion will now attempt to defend his title for a second time when he faces Miguel Torres.

The competition is quickly taking notice that Beebe is a force to be reckoned with.

Winning the 135-pound divisional title in the WEC meant the world to Chase Beebe, who worked tirelessly to get to the top level in the sport. Now that he has the title, he has no plans of giving it up to Torres… or anyone else for that matter.

“That’s my baby,” said Beebe about the bantamweight title. “I don’t want to let that go. Maybe to get another one in another weight class is the only thing.”

After starting his career on a tear, going 9-1 before coming to the WEC, Beebe admits that the jump in competition may be the cause for decisions in his last two fights, but he will be looking for the finish on Feb. 13.

“I know people want to see finishes,” stated Beebe. “As long as it’s a skilled fight, I mean, I guess it would be entertaining, but people want to see that crazy finish that came out of nowhere. (I’m) really trying to work on being able to do that.”

Working with a team of tough fighters, including King of the Cage veteran Clay French, Beebe is ready to defend his title again. And after out-working a very tough opponent in Yahya the last time out, he’s not planning on being the one who ever gets tired during a fight.

“If you’re on that kind of stage, if you’re ready for a world title fight, cardio shouldn’t be a factor,” Beebe commented. “If you’re skilled enough to be at that level and you know you’ve got to have amazing cardio, that’s just part of it.”

With French helping with his training and working his corner for the upcoming title bout, along with UFC lightweight Clay Guida, it’s Beebe’s understanding of his opponent that he hopes will lead him to victory once again.

“I pretty much know what he has; what he’s going to throw at me. He’s got all kinds of slick stuff he’s going to throw at me. I’m just prepared. I’m ready for whatever he’s got.”

While Beebe has been a dominant wrestler all his life, he believes his striking and power game will be the difference in defeating Miguel Torres in this bantamweight title fight.

“I’m seeing knockout,” he said with confidence. “The more and more I think about it, I’m seeing knockout. I think the difference in this fight will be power. He’s got incredible stand-up as well. I just don’t think he has the power to put me away.”