WEC 52: Mackens Semerzier Feels Every Loss is a Lesson Learned

November 7, 2010

WEC fighter Mackens Semerzier

WEC fighter Mackens Semerzier

Mackens Semerzier is on the verge of entering his eighth mixed martial arts bout, and WEC 52 will be his platform to do so. This fight will represent Semerzier’s second attempt at getting back in the winning ways when he tangles with MMA veteran Cub Swanson.

Two losses in a row might shake the psyche of most fighters, but Semerzier seems to hold his own pretty well.

After winning his first five professional fights, the featherweight mixed martial artist had a tremendous amount of momentum behind him – especially since his fifth win was his WEC debut over talented grappler Wagnney Fabiano.

Semerzier discussed the level of expectation after getting the win in his first WEC bout.

“I mean, I know the win was a good win, but I knew there was a lot of areas in my game that I had to improve on,” Semerzier recalled on MMAWeekly Radio. “I was doing a lot of interviews, doing a lot of press, listening to a lot of people, so I knew what was expected of me.”

Unfortunately, after getting a highly touted submission victory over Fabiano, Semerzier lost consecutive fights to Deividas Taurosevičius and Javier Vazquez. The bright side to those losses, however, is a gain in knowledge for Semerzier.

“With every loss, it’s a lesson learned,” exclaimed Mackens

Admittedly, Semerzier is still learning the tools it takes to make a successful mixed martial arts fighter. One thing that he says he has to make himself more aware of is the scoring system in the sport. Through seven fights, his awareness has grown a great deal and it continues to build.

While remaining conscience of the tempo of the fight, Semerzier is learning when to fight for the finish and when to grind out the win.

“(To) be aware of the rules,” Semerzier said when explaining what he’s learned. “Be aware of…what the judges are looking at, but at the same time my aggressiveness – not lose the drive to finish the fight before that last bell sounds.”

Finishing fights is all good and welcomed, but Semerzier knows that knowing the clock is important and, “you can’t (just) rely…on the finish.”

Pressure is something that not only fighters, but all people face in everyday life. Especially in this economy, job security remains on the minds of anyone and everyone. The difference in the fight game is you can almost entirely control your own destiny. A win means you live to fight another day.

When talking about the pressures of having back-to-back losses, Mackens explained that, “it’s easy” to balance them.

“It’s kind of like being surrounded. Once you’re surrounded, it’s doesn’t matter which direction you’re fighting.” Semerzier explained. “Once you’re on the bottom…the only way you can go is up, so you can take as many chances as you want because you can’t fall very far. And that’s how I look at it. I press myself.

“I don’t put that extra pressure on myself where, if I lose this fight, I’m gonna be homeless on the street.”

As far as his opponent, Cub Swanson, is concerned, Semerzier can see this being a very entertaining bout. The aggression displayed by both fighters in previous bouts can speak for that notion. If either Swanson or Semerzier over-commit in their scheduled WEC 52 fight, it could be a quick night for one of them.

Likelihood for there being a submission or knockout in this one is high.

“He’s an aggressive fighter,” said Semerzier. “I like considering myself…an aggressive fighter,”

And how so?

“I like to come forward, I like to press the action. Sometimes, I’m a little over-aggressive and…I’ve kind of paid for it, and same thing with him. Sometimes, he’s a little over-aggressive and he pays for it too. You get two guys that tend to be a little overly aggressive, I think it’s going to make a good fight.”